Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Prequels Rock

My grandfather sent me my genealogy on my father's side. It's kinda interesting. Everything's in his own words. I tried to keep the spelling exactly as it is:

Nov. 08, 2007

Dear Bobby,

Re: your requests for our ancestral blood lines (Canlas and Songco) for Gino's use, I can only recall the 19th century history of our blood line since I was born in the year 1924 despite the mental lapses and other age-related ailments that is bothering me. These are the reasons why the US gov't officially declared me "Senior Citizen. and Disabled" before we left for good in 2002, to spend our sunset years in retirement for good in the country of our birth. The era before our great grandparents is cloudy since they all joined our Creator a long time ago. Whatever knowledge I have are mere guess and speculation. Here is where I can go so far insofar as the Canlas and Songco and Tayag ancestral blood lineage is concerned: -

Grandfather: died before my time
Grandmother: Damiana N. Canlas. I've known her for only 5 years.
My father: Arsenio Nalud Canlas died early at age 32, leaving 4 children with me as the eldest
My mother: Fredesvinda Songco Canlas. She died at age 92. A very enterprising widower who raised us in good health, disciplined and hard working up to high school.

The Canlases excel in artistry, industriousness and skilled workers. One was a well-known sculptor in Pampanga. Arsenio, my dad, and brother Cayetano are the Nos. 1 and 2 department heads, mainstays of Gonzalo Puyat and Sons, Inc., furniture, billiard and bowling fabricator and metal products, respectively. Regrettably, they departed early in life. The Canlases are fair-complexioned and slender.

Grandfather: Kapitan Undong Songco
Grandmother: Gregoria Santiago Songco
My mother: Fredesvinda S. Songco, a choir member of the Sta. Rita church since a teenager and renowned hilot sa mga napipilay (sprained veins and muscles) a god-given skill till she departed

The Songcos are professional musicians, tailors and haberdashery. They are well-built, white-complexioned, food connoisseurs, but hard to deal with as head of families. common health problem is Diabetes.

Alejandro P. Tayag: Lawyer and Judge died at age 62.
My father-in-law: from
Paulino Santiago Tayag: Professional Registered Nurse
My mother-in-law: from Betis, Pampanga

The Tayags are brown-complexioned, mostly curly-haired, from Paulina, high cheek bones. The Tayags being highly intelligent, are mostly professionals, i.e. engineer, lawyer, medicine and accounting fields. The eldest Tayag is a farmer who contributed much in the education of his yougner brothers.

Paulina S. Tayag, the original professional nurse since way way back at the old San Juan de Dios hospital in Manila. To my mind Apung Poleng delivered the most babies in Sta. Pampanga, Proj. 04, QC and Florida Blanca also in Pamp. Curly hair, prominenet high cheek bones, Kayumangi complexion, and thick lips are her trademarks passed on to Mommy, Tita Fe, April, Erica and Kay. If my memory serves me right, Roy and Philip were deilvered in Proj. 04, QC by Apung Poleng. After giving you the highlights of the three ancestral traits, physical-mental traits, common diseases, etc. below is a graphic tabulation of your bloodlines.


The above is based on my own analysis and judgment, as they related to physical build, complexion, facial features, mental capabilities, etc.

The Phils. like the USA, is a multinational combination of various races. The USA has its brown Americans or American Indians and the Phils. has its Aetas. Pinoys have Polynesian, Malaysian, Indonesian origins. The Spaniards ruled the Phils. for about 300 years so that we have the surnames of Garcia, Reyes, Gutierrez, Rodriguez, dela Cruz, etc. Then came the Americans for another 100 years. The establishment of Naval bases in Cavite and Olongapo, and the air bases in Pampanga also introduced new blood in the Phils. The Japanese who occupied the Phils. in 1941-1944 didn't seem to introduce Jap-Phil. blood, the chinese who came to the Phils. as merchants and traders way back in the 18th and 19th centuries established families in the Phils. That's why we have plenty if Uys, Tans, Gosico, Chans, Sis, etc. the Coangcos and the Songcos have a springkling of Chinese blood.

I trust the above info could be of good help to whatever Gino plans to do, aside from the usual family tree.

Bye for now. God Bless.

P.S. I hurriedly did the above at short notice. If you desire add'l info let us know.